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  • Sales Learning: Your Reps Don’t Come With an Instruction Manual, Part 1

    Sales Learning: Your Reps Don’t Come With an Instruction Manual, Part 1

    As the popular saying goes, one can bring a horse to water but not make it drink. Similarly, it is not enough for b-to-b sales enablement teams to simply launch learning content toward sales reps....

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  • Sales Leadership Exchange 2017 Preview: Four Secrets to Achieving Balance in Your Sales Organization

    Sales Leadership Exchange 2017 Preview: Four Secrets to Achieving Balance in Your Sales Organization

    This year’s theme at SLE – “The Art and Science of Sales: Achieving Balance” – focuses on teaching sales leaders how to blend intuition and intellect to create the best strategy and apply...

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  • To Localize or Not to Localize: That Is the Question

    To Localize or Not to Localize: That Is the Question

    To drive profitable business in each of their local markets, b-to-b organizations are forced to decide what level of mandatory and desired localization to carry out for content and solutions. This...

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  • Marketing Dashboards for Financial Services

    Financial services marketing organizations are increasingly being asked to build dashboards not only to update executive leadership, but to also inform a wide range of internal stakeholders.

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  • New Year’s Resolution: Sharpen Your Corporate Message

    One of the things I’ve noticed recently in conversations I’ve had with marketing and communications leaders is a growing dissatisfaction with the state of their corporate messaging. Many feel as...

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  • What Classic Diners and Sales Onboarding Have in Common

    I happen to be a big fan of diners – I make a habit of joining close friends for breakfast in my neighborhood nearly every Friday morning. Here’s what I love about the diner experience: drinking...

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  • Leading Change: The CMO's Constant Balancing Act

    B-to-b environments are dynamic and constantly evolving, so CMOs must know how to react to drivers for change. They must be capable of leading marketing change and transformation, and must...

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  • It’s Turnover Time for Sales

    The ends of the calendar year and fiscal year are when high-performing sales reps consider whether they want to move to a new company. Managers have a direct ability to influence sales reps’...

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  • 2017 Demand Management Resolutions: Resolve to Evolve

    ’Tis the season for reflection, planning and – of course – the dreaded resolution. Like most of us, I’ve made resolutions over the years with varying degrees of success. However, I’m entering 2017...

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  • A Tale of Two Companies: A Revolution of Another Kind

    Let’s face it – an acquisition, regardless of its benefits, spells change that affects everything from organizational structure to brand to product architecture to, of course, jobs. And while an...

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  • Mapping the Buyer's Journey for Demand Creation: Who Does What?

    The buyer’s journey map is a critical input into demand creation program planning, as high-performing demand creation programs are informed by persona insights. The key to operationalizing buyer’s...

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  • How to Develop a Compelling Channel Partner Business Proposition

    A supplier’s partner business proposition is arguably the most important element of the recruitment toolkit. Still, a large number of suppliers fail to make this task a priority. In this blog, we...

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  • Leading Marketing Change: Impressions of a SiriusDecisions CMO Roundtable

    Change is becoming the new norm for b-to-b marketing leaders. SiriusDecisions roundtables facilitate discussions around change management and other critical CMO issues. It is more important than...

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  • Where Should Product Marketing Report?

    There are often internal power grabs over the product marketing function reporting structure. Ideally, the product marketing function should report into a central marketing function under the...

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  • By the Numbers: 2017 Planning Assumptions for Emerging Companies

    Statistics company Statista reported this October that 41.4 percent of the U.S. population plans to begin holiday shopping in November. The preposterous surge in end-of-year professional and...

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  • Is It Time to Stop Channel Surfing and Start Data Diving?

    The best channel partners may be hiding in plain sight. Here's how to find them.

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  • Bridging the Marketing Skills Gap – Revisited

    Marketing leaders still cite a lack of required skills as one of their primary organizational challenges. In fact, data from SiriusDecisions’ 2016 Global CMO Study revealed that supplementing and...

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  • Demand Centers: The Financial Benefits (Part One)

    Over the past five years, SiriusDecisions has helped many b-to-b organizations implement successful demand centers. Demand centers are central and/or regional hubs of shared marketing services,...

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  • How to Cultivate the Asset of Attention Without Being Eaten by a Shark

    I once went shark diving by accident. The “accident" was that the sharks – lots of sharks – showed up on a dive that was neither planned nor equipped (read: surrounding me with a giant steel cage)...

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  • Money Can't Buy Tenure

    The end of the calendar year is fast approaching. Many sales organizations will lose sales reps and partners to voluntary turnover. Why is this? And what can you as a sales leader do to minimize...

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